McCusker Centre for Citizenship





UWA's McCusker Centre for Citizenship is a community initiative based at The University of Western Australia. Headed by Director Michelle Scott, former Commissioner of Children and Young People WA, the Centre was created to foster a culture of global citizenship among students in the state. The Centre approached DrawHistory to create a new brand that would not only appeal across multiple stakeholders but resonate in tone, messaging and identity. In an increasingly complex nonprofit landscape, it became apparent that a lot of community organisations in Perth would benefit from student body buy-in.


The DrawHistory team spoke with students, academics, nonprofit Board members and the internal team, and conducted secondary research in order to craft the McCusker Centre story from the ground up. Through a number of collaborative sessions, tens of focus group interviews, and a Student Advisory Group review, the result is a brand that is true to the Centre’s vision and spirit separate to the traditional UWA brand. We created a brand identity distinct to anything else at UWA - the box shape is symbolic of the notion of a “centre”, a nod to the “balance” that is involved when working with different groups of people and communities.


"Since launching in mid-2016, the McCusker Centre has contributed 25,000 hours to the community and placed over 200 young global citizens in meaningful nonprofit internships."

Michelle Scott, Director


Above all, logo mark's mix of colours embodies the enthusiasm and collaborative approach the Centre exudes. Strong traction from students and community, coupled with the successful launch of hundreds of internships, are encouraging indicators of a brand that will resonate with key audiences as it grows.









The McCusker Centre for Citizenship facilitates internship programs every semester. If you're interested in exploring all things McCusker Centre and branding a little more, here are some options:

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