We believe meaningful stories can reduce inequalities and strengthen human connection

DrawHistory is a social impact brand agency. We’re a small tribe of passionate humans and creative trailblazers who get out of bed each day on a mission: to help our clients become stories people want to be a part of. This is because we believe that strategic storytelling has the power to not only increase their revenue-raising capability but mobilise a community around them.

Our team has created brand identities, publication designs, content strategies, user experiences and digital platforms for more than 75 organisations to date. We work hard to activate change with the purposeful ventures we work with, having recently helped launch 250 nonprofit internships, kickstart the first West Australian social impact co-working space and raise $100,000 for people seeking asylum.


We’re about building relationships, not simply connections. DrawHistory is focused on more than just surface-level chatter and understand that meaningful collaborations can help build bridges and create buy-in between sectors and individuals. It’s why we always work with all stakeholders.


Building capacity is at the heart of who we are at DrawHistory. We’re a team that enables teams to make a bigger difference by equipping them with the resources needed to grow. That means we train your team and guide you through the creative process so that you have deeper ownership of your work and are able to deliver impact on your own terms.


Being genuine counts for a lot at DrawHistory. We believe that we do our best work when we deeply care in the causes we vouch for. You’ll only find authentic and warm people when you work with us, because how else are we going to solve the world’s greatest challenges if not by banding together?


Special things come from those who dare to ask the big questions. We love seeing beyond the horizon, whether that looks like a new brand strategy approach or the latest Stanford and Harvard i-lab research. Settling for the conventional just isn’t how we do things.

Jeffrey Effendi
As Head of Creativity, Jeffrey has consulted for public-listed companies, multinational nonprofits and government agencies on a range of creative disciplines. He provides direction on brand strategy and architecture, visual identity, user experience and digital designs that connect with people. Outside of DrawHistory, he advises multiple boards and committees in the community sector, including the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community and The Humanitarian Group, and has been recognised as a 2018 Young Australian of the Year Finalist in his home state. Jeffrey can also be found reciting Kendrick Lamar raps and expertly wreaking havoc in Fantasy Basketball leagues.
Angel Chen
Angel makes sure that our team runs like a well-oiled machine. Other than bringing the team up to speed on project best practice, she facilitates and oversees DrawHistory's partnerships and has coordinated programs and events for organisations like World Vision Youth, UN Women and the United Nations Association of Australia. Angel ensures that the relationships we create with our clients and collaborators are always in good shape. When she's not chatting over coffee, Angel enjoys traveling as much as possible, exploring the Perth brunch scene and looking into the next Grey's Anatomy episode. She was recognised as a 2018 Citizen of the Year (Youth) for Western Australia.
Chiara Mensa
Chiara is our freewheeling, fauna-loving Senior Design Consultant. With many years of industry experience under her belt, Chiara has worked at expert agencies like Onespacemedia, a top-five UK web practice in Cambridge and London. Her focus is to collaborate with our clients to help them tell their stories online, deep diving into things like user experience and digital design. Chiara's favourite things include lunchtime pilates, rescue cats, her husband, and personal hiking mate, Oz the Kelpie - not necessarily in that order.
Hannah Schultz
Hannah's our budding go-to for projects that involve creativity and community impact. She aspires to design for sustainability and is excited to develop her design skills for social innovation. Hannah worked at UnitingCare West before going on to complete an Honours Thesis on the topic of participatory co-design in the homelessness support sector in Perth. When she’s not constructing thoughtful graphic design, she’s drawing strangers on the train and listening to modern history podcasts. No, seriously!

Hands-on Experience

Ready to make a difference? As an intern, your role is to bring fresh ideas and new inspiration to a variety of creative challenges Springing from project to project, our program will build your capacity to work with some of the most meaningful organisations in the city.
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“I came to work every day feeling happy, satisfied and challenged, because I was eager to contribute to amazing causes around the world. DrawHistory’s values aligned with my personal values, and that motivated me a lot. That’s a feeling I’ve not experienced in a workplace before.”
Nicholas Smith
The designated creative for many things digital, you can find Nick sketching grids and translating them on his Windows tablet if he's not already on Balsamiq gearing up for the latest batch of user experience wireframes. He's also been put to the test in design projects with the NSW Government. Nick spends his spare time gaming on consoles, doing summersaults in indoor trampoline parks and drinking a warm mug of hot chocolate - with extra Cadbury flakes.
Penny Wittenbaker
As the team's youngest creative, Penny makes sure that DrawHistory is a team that's both focused and fun whenever she's in. She provides support across all creative work with an emphasis on telling stories through social, packaging the impact our clients deliver on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You'll often find Penny humming to an Anders number (or three). Born a people person, she is also a big part of building and facilitating our repository of human-centred design workshops.
Danielle Scott
Danielle is our only non-Australian creative and has been with DrawHistory since early 2016, when she stepped in to fine-tune our brand. If she's not on Adobe Illustrator exploring hundreds of brand concepts, then she's most likely translating impact into stories on Adobe InDesign. Previously, Danielle was a Brand Manager at Water for People and is now an Art Director at Two Parts. Being an Offshore Designer, she lives in the mountainous Denver, CO area with her husband.
Oakland the Pug
What's not to love about Oakland? He's made our office his second home - the little guy regularly lounges by our beanbags and zips around the floor, peeing on things. Oakland's appetite for treats comes and goes, but his crazy antics and moral support for the DrawHistory family is always welcomed. Thinking of visiting our office? Let us know ahead of time and we can make sure Oakland is in to show you around!

Featured in and around the city

“We're a not for profit, and costing and professionalism in the industry is a driver of decisions made. DrawHistory's unique professional service is beyond our previous experience with creatives. Their team is passionate and driven and delivered an excellent product.”

Alyson Clarke

"Working with DrawHistory was a wonderful experience. Their designs were very detailed and perfectly captured the essence of my brand and work. Bianca Bree Van Damme, Miss USA and actress Monique Coleman loved it."

Dima Rizk

“DrawHistory is a team whose always upbeat, approaching our urgent project with a can-do attitude. They created exactly what we were looking for in an extremely tight timeline, and were always happy to answer questions, and get us what we wanted.”

Alexandra Gabrielle

“The empathy DrawHistory consistently displayed toward our messaging drove our crowdfunding campaign forward. Your compassionate and thoughtful contributions allowed us to trust that you would represent our vision appropriately in the campaign. We couldn't have done it without you!"

Libby Williams

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