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Evolving an advocacy service after 25 years

Kin Advocacy

The Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre is a leading advocacy service centre that safeguards the rights of ethnic people with disabilities and their families. After 25 years, EDAC approached DrawHistory with a unique challenge: to bring the organization’s brand in line with evolving needs as they expanded to work with Indigenous communities.

Their Challenge

In expanding to work with Indigenous communities in remote and rural Western Australia, EDAC recognized that it had to change the way it positioned itself, as they were no longer “just” focused on culturally and linguistically diverse clients. As an organization that has existed for decades, they highlighted how important it was for us to consider the trust they have built with clients from ethnic backgrounds, but also the goal of telling their stories more inclusively for all stakeholders.

This involved a need to rename EDAC into something simpler and easier to remember for clients — forgoing the acronym and rethinking the word “ethnic” in its name.

Our Strategy

Recognizing how important EDAC’s community would be to its brand refresh, we booked multiple discovery workshops after project kickoff to co-design the brand. This included completing additional consultations with wider stakeholder groups: referring agencies, clients who had become board members, funding bodies. Our findings would then permeate into:

  • New Brand Name
  • New Brand Strategy
  • New Brand Tagline
  • New Brand Name Considerations
  • Visual Identity Website
  • Publications Roll-out

Choosing a name

Through a consultative process, EDAC is currently gradually rolling out its rebrand as Kin — a word with etymology rooted in people, community and whose concept of kinship has relevance in Indigenous family structures.

An identity rooted in kinship

Once we arrived at our final approved concept, we developed Kin’s entire design system based on its new brand values. This included textures of what has inspired them over their 25 years — seeds of hope, rays of strength and shapes that represent a close-knit community.

Project Leads

Jeffrey Effendi

Founder & Chief of Innovation, DrawHistory

Abigail Coldrey

Designer, DrawHistory


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