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Population Services International

Population Services International (PSI) is a global nonprofit organization focused on the encouragement of healthy behavior and affordability of health products. We collaborated with PSI to create two microsites that collected and communicated insights from its global team of 10,000 change-makers, and helped them upskill through new on-demand courses online.  

Their Challenge

PSI approached us to address two challenges – the launch of a global survey to inform their long-term strategy and build their capacity on-the-ground. The first initiative, branded PSI2020, needed to be fun, emotionally resonant and above all, transparent. The second is PSI University, a portal for courses the team offered to its employees around the world.

Our Approach

In designing both websites, our team recommended and eventually created wireframes for multiple user interfaces that would closely follow PSI’s vision – a bright, bold and collaborative future for its work around the world. We took cues from PSI’s Brand Guidelines, a philosophy centred around “a place where people work on issues they care deeply about rather than a 9-5 job”, and translated this onto a digital canvas.

Project Leads

Jeffrey Effendi

Founder & Chief of Innovation, DrawHistory
Bringing a global team together

Our team initially conducted user experience workshops with the PSI team, understanding the range of use cases for PSI2020, a long-term strategy visual, and PSI University, their learning portal. We then synthesised our findings to develop “How Might We” questions or statements that helped define new opportunities.

Of all the potential use cases, our team identified that staff were most likely to engage with these platforms if they saw their colleagues actively contributing to the content as well. Based on this, we specifically engineered opportunities where users could see which of their fellow team members were already on the platforms, and what they thought of the content available.

Community Outcome

The results are two fully responsive WordPress websites containing components that allowed for two-way interaction. For example, the custom map with Google Maps integration allowed the PSI team to view which teams had submitted surveys and what they said, while the Photo Gallery pulled tweets using the #PSI2020 hashtag and filtered those with images of colleagues.

Since then, the platform has encouraged the PSI team to capture over 7,000 responses from their regional teams and helped access dozens of courses integrated into their LMS, Degreed.

Image Attribution: Photography in this case study were produced by Population Services International.

Alexandra Gabrielle Program Coordinator, Population Services International

"DrawHistory is a team who's always upbeat, approaching our urgent project with a can-do attitude. They created exactly what we were looking for in an extremely tight timeline, and were always happy to answer questions, and get us what we wanted."


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