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User Experience

User Experience

At its core, user experience is a phrase for the emotions and impressions someone goes through when using a particular product, system or service. Think about the last event you held, or the site you just launched. They are journeys your audience goes through experientially. We think it’s important that when you’re designing for humans, you understand their behaviours, needs and motivations at the UX stage.

🎭 We workshop your audience’s personas

At DrawHistory, we engage with you throughout the creative process, whether it’s designing an offline comms piece or coming up ways to improve your website. We’ll facilitate interactive sessions, create events to gain feedback and work together to see what sticks. Our work speaks for you and we want it to communicate your passion and energy.

🏃‍♀️ Then we improve their existing journeys

Once we’re on the same page, we then interview users in your wider ecosystem to test and validate those ideas. The designs we come up with need to be made for your audience after all. Your staff and stakeholders carry the story of your organisation and they also need to feel like this is a representation of their stories. Their insights are an invaluable part of the process of translating your brand into an engaging and inspiring website. We also go to some lengths to do secondary reading, seeing what else has worked in the world, interpreting quantitative data and make meaning from them.

🌡 The results are informed by what people think and feel

These strategy sessions and insights are then used in our design process. We spend time parsing through the big important themes before integrating them into your brand materials. We sit as a team, untangle what the data is telling us, and solve it directly through design. You’ll receive wireframes at this stage. Think of them as blueprints to a home – we’ll use this time to understand the logic behind the designs before finalising the end product.

🚲 Making the experience accessible

When it’s all said and done, what we put into your hands is designed to have impact. It’s intended to stir conversations, encourage people to action, and amplify what it is you want others in your world to get passionate about. Human connection is something we commit to embedding in the designs we deliver, simply because it’s part of the DrawHistory mandate to reduce inequalities through our work.


Designs can take between 1-3 months (print and publications) to 3-6 months (website and digital).

Am I Ready?

Some indicators that you’re ready to activate a website or print a new publication:

– You need to increase awareness of your organisation and its programs and services.
– You would like to share your stories powerfully.
– You want to develop a lead generation strategy.
– It’s a priority to improve your UI/UX so that your website closely reflects your brand.
– A new Content Management System (CMS) is needed to streamline content creation and editing.

Typical Deliverables

  • Concept Discovery Workshops
  • Information Architecture (Digital)
  • Concept Wireframes
  • Prototype Clickthroughs (Digital)
  • Content Strategy and Plan
  • Website Development in WordPress CMS (Digital)
  • Content Entry Training
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Acknowledgement of country

We acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present and future traditional custodians and elders of this country on which we work.

Chipping away at...
  • ✏️ Illustrating scenes for DrawHistory Academy
  • 📕Designing a magazine for Centre for Social Impact
  • 📑 Reviewing UX strategies for Fogarty Foundation
  • 🖌 Preparing a website to go live for The Collective Foundation
  • 🖌 Refreshing a website for Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors
  • 🎭 Developing a brand strategy for Museum of Freedom and Tolerance
  • 🎭 Refining a go-to-market strategy for Synq Up