Future Directions International


International Development and Governance



Future Directions International is an award-winning policy institute chaired by former Governor-General of Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery. Knowing how valuable their research is in informing Australian policy, we worked with the organisation to refine their brand's user experience on the web with a view to increasing readership to ensure that people were able to reach the information.

In the process, our team expanded on FDI's existing brand to create a website that embodied a strong journalistic spirit. Using existing user experience architecture from outlets like BBC and CNN, accompanied by a reimagined brand, the result is a website that both modernises FDI's research for its target audience and increases the functionality of its forms, news and updates


Since the launch, the website has seen a 450% rise in readership and decrease in bounce rate, reflecting the new user experience's impact on engagement. The end product is a fully responsive WordPress-based website, where we migrated over 1,500 articles from Joomla into the new architecture. Through the WordPress CMS, we gave them an array of content sections we had designed and developed, then set them up with a framework that could use all or many variations of the tools making it easy, fast and beautiful for them to create these lush web experiences on their own.


We reviewed FDI's analytics a year on in 2017 and saw that its readership had grown to over 10,000 readers in 12-months, again highlighting the power of good UX and marketing.


The biggest win was not only being able to give FDI the tools they needed in WordPress to easily build content, but integrate their nonprofit brand into other touch points such as social media and search engine optimisation. This enabled us to further engage their target audience and opened a swathe of new readers to explore where Australia is placed in the Pacific. Both our teams were thrilled with the results when we saw that over 3,000 new readers were able to continuously visit FDI's new home.


Future Directions International continues to publish industry-leading articles on their website. If you're interested in exploring all things FDI and web design a little more, here are some options:

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