Population Services International


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We collaborated with Population Services International, a Forbes-listed Top 50 NGO, earlier this year to create a standalone website that collected and communicated insights from its global team of around 10,000 changemakers. The initiative, branded as PSI2020 (an indication of its 5-year strategy plan), needed to be fun, emotionally resonant and above all, transparent. In designing the website, our team recommended and eventually wireframed multiple user interfaces that would closely follow PSI's vision - a bright, bold and collaborative future for its work around the world.


The result is a fully responsive WordPress website, where each design element had its own salient feature. For example, the custom map with Google Maps integration allowed the PSI team to map which teams had submitted surveys, while the Photo Gallery pulled tweets using the #PSI2020 hashtag and filtered those with images. Since then, the new platform has enabled the PSI team to capture over a hundred responses from their regional teams.

DrawHistory created exactly what we were looking for in an extremely tight timeline, and were always happy to get us what we wanted.

Alexandra Gabrielle, Program Coordinator



Population Services International is one of the largest nonprofits in the United States, impactful in their work. If you're interested in exploring all things PSI and web design a little more, here are some options:

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