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Where we stand and what we strive for

By activating impactful projects with our clients, we believe we can catalyse a more equitable and inclusive world for all

Our core values are the moral compass guiding us on the journey to achieve our mission

We venture fearlessly

We believe big breakthroughs happen when we push past uncertainty and take risks. We are obsessed with looking at things differently, pursuing what matters and following our instincts, no matter how daunting it might get.

We build the capacity of others

We are people who sow into relationships. Whether we’re empowering one person or many, we do it with care. It’s in our nature to build and uplift those around us. We love seeing others grow into their own.

We improve our community

We are committed to creating positive impact in the world we live in. When we help solve complex social problems or bring communities together, we deliver on our promise to improve the lives of the people we serve.

We are down-to-earth

We are true to who we are. In an age where interactions are quick and dispensable, we’re inspired to be authentic with people, exchanging small talk for good conversations. We keep it real and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We change the status quo

We see the world as it ought to be. We don't conform to what has come before and pioneer new ways of doing things for those who come after. Fresh people, perspectives and places can only improve what is.

We value expertise and skill

We take pride in our craft and what we put into the world. From the expertise we’re trusted to deliver to new global knowledge we apply, we make sure what we do is part of a legacy we can fully back and get behind.

DrawHistory is a team whose always upbeat, approaching our urgent project with a can-do attitude. They created exactly what we were looking for in an extremely tight timeline, and were always happy to answer questions, and get us what we wanted.

Alexandra Gabrielle, Program Coordinator, Population Services International

I brought you a complex puzzle with this project. This was not your typical project and yet you were up for the challenge with a smile and creativity that did not diminish throughout. You were on my team throughout. I am clearer on how the pieces fit together, I have new ideas to explore and a gallery proposal that I am sure will move my projects forward.

Jay Weinstein, Founder, So I Asked Them to Smile

I'm so grateful and inspired to have worked with such an amazing team! I have worked with many firms like yours and haven't experienced the same level of commitment; you made our project seem like so much more than another job for you; you were committed to the same ends, helped keep things on track and shared the journey with us in every way.

Shaheen Hughes, CEO, Museum of Freedom and Tolerance WA

I had a very good time working with the DrawHistory team. Even though we were oceans apart, communication has always gone exceptionally smooth - and I felt like I could count on them with anything. I also felt like we had a shared vision and I didn't have to go above and beyond to explain myself - they just 'got it'.

Andre Damian, Director, The Collective Foundation

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, patience and professionalism. I'm so very happy with the final product. It will go a long way to getting potential partners excited about working with us!

Nick Maisey, Founder, Befriend

DrawHistory had great values alignment. You get what we're trying to do and are committed to making a positive impact as well.

Claire Stokes, Co-Director, Social Impact Festival

You listened, asked questions, ensured you understood our needs and made the experience pleasant. You helped us achieve the change we were looking for in portraying the organisation in a more contemporary manner.

Dee Sidhu, Executive Officer, Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability

We're a not for profit, and costing and professionalism in the industry is a driver of decisions made. DrawHistory's unique professional service is beyond our previous experience with creatives. Their team is passionate and driven and delivered an excellent product.

Alyson Clarke, Executive Officer, Future Directions International

Your team was able to help and develop our brand in line with our vision. Your team was fun, professional and welcoming. We believe any organisation would extremely benefit from your workshops. Together is always better!

Julie Hepworth, Co-founder, Water for Africa

The empathy DrawHistory consistently displayed toward our messaging drove our crowdfunding campaign forward. Your compassionate and thoughtful contributions allowed us to trust that you would represent our vision appropriately in the campaign. We couldn't have done it without you!

Libby Williams, Campaign Co-Manager, Seeking Refuge WA

You really listened and responded to our unique needs as science institute. Your genuine desire to help our stakeholders and your passion for making a difference is inspiring! Your fresh take on things meant that you delivered exactly what we needed.

Preeti Castle, Communications Director, WA Biodiversity Science Institute

Mission-driven organisations as our partners of choice

Proud to be the first 
B Corp creative agency in WA

Hooray! We’ve met the highest standards of social impact, public transparency and accountability to balance profit and purpose in how we do things.

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Acknowledgement of country

We acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present and future traditional custodians and elders of this country on which we work.

Chipping away at
  • ✏️ Illustrating a children’s book for DeafAccess Ghana
  • 🎁 Designing a Pocket Guide for Community Arts Network
  • 🏥 Reviewing UX strategies for St John of God Foundation
  • 🖌 Activating a brand for the myLocus portal
  • 🖌 Refreshing a brand for Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors
  • 🎭 Developing a visual identity for Museum of Freedom and Tolerance
  • 🎭 Refining a brand strategy for The Collective Foundation