By Bianca Aranha, Strategy Intern

On a dreary Tuesday evening, after a formal branding workshop with the corporates, the DrawHistory team traded in the work gear for workout gear and headed out to scale the walls of Rockface Indoor Rock Climbing Centre. After rediscovering our beautiful city of Perth, read: getting miserably lost, 6 of us donned the safety harnesses, paired up and got stuck into it (LITERALLY)!


Given the basic safety directions we were deemed ready to start climbing. Beginning on the easiest walls we took turns in learning the ropes, pun intended, and utilising every upper body muscle to heave our way to the top. The ultimate show of trust resided in the downhill journey, where we were instructed to completely let go of the wall and allow our partner below to carefully loosen the rope and lower us back to safety.


Jess and Jenny were the official DrawHistory rock climbing reps, as they climbed the beginners’ walls in record time and proceeded to higher levels, in many ways. Krysten and I had a few bumps along the way where we contemplated if trust really should come before personal safety, alas we learnt that they come hand in hand and our friendship was strengthened……. I think? Whilst the interns were forging newfound faith, Jeff and Angel were trying to sustain their own, as Jeff pushed his boundaries to reached new heights and discard old fears. All the while our hilarious triumphs and fails were being documented by the lovely Anthony.


By the end of the session we had thoroughly worked off any cheat days and concluded that we may need a bit more practice, after seeing children half our age soar up the freestyle wall. It was a fantastic change to get out of the office and get to know each other in such a fun environment, whilst secretly hoping we wouldn’t be the cause of our new friend’s broken ligaments. Rock climbing was definitely an underrated social activity which we all agreed to try again, given the opportunity, and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to forge a strong team, physically and mentally!

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