This exclusive guide is part of DrawHistory's monthly 'Amplify the Good' series. Our series focuses on the power of branding and what it can mean for niche social good organisations. In today's workshop, we explore what the $10,000 Google Grant can do for NFPs. 


5 Minutes

The right kinds of connections are priceless.

The right kinds of connections can create change, and start movements. We’ve all heard the stories about how seemingly chance encounters have changed the world in amazing ways.

The question is: how do we create those connections? Sparking the right conversations, reaching the right people and making the dominoes fall may seem like serendipity, but it’s far from magic.

In fact, it’s formulaic.  If you don’t believe us, take the word of the world’s undisputed expert on impact and reach: Google.

Get the goods from Google

Google wants you - an NFP doing good in the world - to be able to reach the people who are going to join your cause, help you achieve your goals, and impassion others. Imagine what an ad, at the right time and right place, could do?

That’s why Google created the Google Ad Grant - a philanthropic initiative that gives NFPs $10,000 worth of free ads per month.

But we’re not talking just regular old ads. We’re talking Google ads that appear at the exact moment someone wants information related directly to what is advertised. Ads that are always relevant. Ads that attract passionate people, motivated to your cause.

Ads that are at the right time and place, not by chance, but by default.

There are already so many Google Grant success stories. If it hasn’t already, it’s time your NFP gets on the Grant bandwagon!

Trust us, it’s all easier than you think - or at least, it’s easier than getting your head around how bitcoin works, and if five-year olds can do that, the Google Grant will be a cinch.

Okay, so how does it all work?

When you search for anything on Google, you get two kinds of results. The bulk of these are normal Google search results appearing in the centre of the screen. But you also get Google ads, appearing at the top, bottom and/or side of the normal search results, like so.

Google makes money every time someone clicks an ad on the search page. Google will place the highest quality ads and those which will make the most money in the best spots. Organisations bid for the ad spots for any particular search. For example, I can bid 50c for the search ‘help Australian NFPs’. If this is a high bid and I’ve offered up an attractive, well-written ad, I might get a spot right at the top of the search page - a position users would be more likely to click, and make Google money.

Google is essentially offering free ads to NFPs - $10,000USD worth, to be exact. When a Google Grant ad is clicked, the bidded amount is deducted from a $10,000 debit account, rather the NFP’s bank account. In other ways, Google Grant Ads work exactly like ads paid for by other organisations. Pretty good, huh?

I understand the Google Grant, and I want in!

Let's get you your $10,000!

You will need the following to be successful:

  1. Certified NFP status, the requirements of which depend on the country of your NFP’s origin. There is a minor caveat here - some NFPs, namely health care organisations, hospitals, schools and government bodies do not qualify for the Google Grant. If you’re not sure, just give it a go!
  2. A live website with substantial content.
  3. A statement explaining how the Google Grant will benefit your organisation.
  4. Google Analytics set up, with at least one goal.

Once you’ve applied for the Google Grant you can begin to set up your AdWords account here. AdWords is an application Google uses to generate its ads. Do not add your credit card information at this stage. If you do, Google will treat your account as a standard account and charge you accordingly.

Got questions?

Website malfunctioning? Don’t know what to say about your NFP to clinch the Grant? If you’re feeling stumped, we're here to help.

We have the insider know-how you can use to not only get the Grant, but maximise its value (and its 'magic'!). Tweet us at @DrawHistory or send us an email at  outlining your interest in the Google Ad Grant, and we’ll do the rest. 


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