Great online experiences do more than inform — they spark joy. Our human-centred approach and deep design expertise transform your idea into a live web experience that people will love.


Front-end or back-end development, UI design or UX research — we love every aspect of building great digital experiences. We’ll work with you to map your idea, prototype the design, and bring your new website or product to life, all informed by insights from in-depth user testing and stakeholder workshops.

Results & Outcomes
  • Launched symposium with Museum of Freedom and Tolerance
  • Trained dozens of interfaith leaders in United Nations program
  • Designed a handbook for resilient homes with Habitat for Humanity
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We create digital experiences using mixed research methods and compelling digital design and open-source builds.

Featured Work

Engaging donors online for health care outreach

We worked with a national healthcare provider to define a digital strategy around their donor engagement practices online.

Designing a leading database for people with disabilities

Redesigning Australia's largest equipment database for assistive technology with over 10,000+ products.

Activating buildings into places of belonging

Alongside a property technology company, we launched a product that catalyses communities in commercial buildings.

DrawHistory's approach to Web

To gain a better understanding of where you are and what you’re imagining for the future, we’ll start with an audit of your web properties and align on a clear path forward.

As part of our human-centred design process, we’ll facilitate in-depth UX workshops to understand your target users’ requirements, expectations, and typical digital habits.

Any great digital experience starts with a clear user journey, site infrastructure, and wireframes. Before we pick up our digital paintbrush, we’ll map out a cohesive, intuitive experience for your website.

After setting a solid base for the site, it’s time to fill in all the details. We’ll prototype a high-fidelity design of your website that can be used to get feedback from stakeholders or even users.

With a clear understanding of your vision, users’ needs, and the expected outcome, we’ll turn our prototype into a reality — a live, pixel-perfect digital experience that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

Perspectives from DrawHistory HQ

The moment for new thinking is now and needed.

Catalyzing philanthropy with Europe's largest co-living space

Work The Collective Foundation

Designing an identity and digital experience for the philanthropic venture of one of the world's largest co-living spaces.

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The People v. Profit: Why B Corps are bringing businesses together

Insights Jeffrey Effendi

We reflect on what it means to be a Certified Benefit Corporation and the cultural trends taking shape in business.

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The guide to impactful storytelling for nonprofits

Insights Jeffrey Effendi

A guide to help nonprofits, particularly legal assistance services, become better storytellers and more effective organisations.

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Designing a leading database for people with disabilities

Work Indigo

Redesigning Australia's largest equipment database for assistive technology with over 10,000+ products.

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Making stories of race and religion visible

Work Museum of Freedom and Tolerance

Designing an end-to-end symposium for Australia's first human rights museum in partnership with the WA Museum and Maritime Museum.

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Inside dynamic brands: 5 ways to design dynamism

Insights Jeffrey Effendi

Dynamic brands have emerged in recent years. We take a deep dive on their relevance for the everyday brand.

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