The Humanitarian Group





On the heels of receiving the Orange Seed Project funding, The Humanitarian Group collaborated with DrawHistory to assist with the creation of a print advertisement in The West Australian, the largest print publication in the state. The Group is a community legal centre with a focus on empowering vulnerable people in the culturally and linguistically diverse space, particularly asylum seekers and refugees.

In previous print advertisements, the Group have created their own designs and acknowledged their many volunteers with a 'Thank You' message and a call for others to join. However, in this instance, we had a strong desire to better use the space that was afforded to the Group by understanding the wants and needs of our target audience and the type of content that could be shown to the readership.


In our approach, we first considered the audience of The West Australian and noted that 79% of readers were professionals or managers. Assuming a middle-aged demographic, we aimed to create a brief that challenged the common image of refugees and personalise an individual story. Ali, one of The Group’s ambassadors would be a great addition to the print ad as he has an interesting story and is in a successful position. With this considered, the recommendation was made of a more general call to action of “get involved” to encourage volunteers, donations and a general advocating for the Group.

Together, we were able to cooperate with The Group to create an advertisement that is both informative and relevant to the readers of The West Australian.




The Humanitarian Group continues to assist asylum seekers and refugees. If you're interested in exploring community legal centres and branding a little more, here are some options:

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