By Antoine Nguyen, Strategy Intern

As the name suggests there was a variance in the modes of movement undertaken by the gram-motivated DrawHistory Team. A stroll through the wind tunnel of St George’s Terrace left us cold, unmotivated and not ready for the Happiest 5km on the Planet. Upon meeting with the rest of the gang we assembled in timely fashion with our hearts set on capturing the best photos of the Color Run to promote healthiness and happiness. Further to this, a stagnated stampede left our crew restless and roaring to run, contrary to previous motions of the day being coined the, ‘Color Walk’. Great opportunity for a photo. dh-colorrun1 Alas, the stagnant dawdle began to disassemble, we were off. The crowd was set in motion, separation began as runners differentiated themselves from the rest of the herd, without a doubt DrawHistory had their eyes set on the ‘Running Lane’, very ambitious. With our eyes set on the copious amounts bubbling foam in the distance paces started to pick up. Covered in blue and pink foam, great branding for DrawHistory, go team, we continued our journey to the first colour. Green. Excited for this new experience, the team was racing to the green area eager to see what the coloured corn starch was all about. Unfortunately, we were greeted with a blinding, ear-filling and choking welcome from the green starch which modelled our approach for the colours to come. dh-colorrun3 At least we learnt from our mistakes, cover your eyes, mouth, ears and eyes once more. The DrawHistory team, had new motives to run. Once again, we were off, this time at lightspeed. Through the herd of vibrant runners covered in slime, starch and excitement the experience was fantastic, 20,000 people willingly running through colourful hazards with smiles on their faces was surreal. As the day drew to a close we were tired and exhausted from the first exercise some of us had done this year, yes, it is November. The day was a great success thoroughly enjoyed by all with plentiful grams to show for. Go DrawHistory team. dh-colorrun2

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