Centre for Social Impact's Social Impact Festival


Community Development



Developed by the Centre for Social Impact, the Social Impact Festival is a celebration of social good initiatives and the limitless possibilities they represent in Australia. CSI asked DrawHistory to help give the festival its voice, rethink their audience messaging and bring their vision for the community alive. We were tasked to ultimately create a brand that would inspire the festival's 5,000 attendees across community, corporate, government, academia and youth and streamline their experiences online.


DrawHistory created a brand identity that was immediately accessible to more than just those 'in the know', but stakeholders around Australia. The new Social Impact Festival brand invites each group to share and connect about the critical issues and important ideas impacting their lives and those around them. Centred around the core attributes of purpose-driven and catalytic, the patterns, icons and colours all mix to communicate what the festival is about - a community of big possibilities. The versatile new brand, lead by the striking conversation-focused logo mark, radiates with the collaborative and targeted approach CSI hopes to nurture for change-makers joining their community.


"DrawHistory had great values alignment. You get what we're trying to do and are committed to making a positive impact as well."

Claire Stokes, Co-Director



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The Social Impact Festival will be underway between 18-28 July 2017. If you're interested in exploring all things CSI and branding a little more, here are some options:

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