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DrawHistory is a strategy and design consultancy in the Asia-Pacific helping mission-driven people approach problems in fresh ways.

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Case Study
Connecting new parents to stigma-free support
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Who we are

Tomorrow should be better than today.

We’re a team of strategists, designers, communicators, researchers, and project managers. Together, we believe that progress only happens when you refuse to play things safe.

Case Studies

100 years of partnerships for parents

One of Australia’s leading early parenting services rebrands and repositions itself after 100 years with DrawHistory, amplifying its launch on Mother’s Day with a range of compelling personal stories from parents.

Mentoring YouTube’s Creators for Change

We help one of the world’s leading companies provide mentoring and guidance for the global YouTube Creators for Change initiative on content creation and creator resilience in Bangkok, Thailand.

Connecting new parents to stigma-free support

Alongside leading early parenting services, we help launch a nation-wide mental health helpline for new parents funded by the Australian Government.

A new way to build for progress

A construction company approaches DrawHistory to reposition and reimagine itself as 2ndDawn, a timber-based construction startup determined to address climate change through sustainable modular homes and passive design.

Piloting digital confidence for multicultural communities

We work with the Office of Multicultural Interests to build the capacity of community leaders in areas such as digital confidence and digital literacy in a time where knowing technology is critical.

Our Podcast


Undesign provides a space for us to explore the world’s problems and cultural themes with both global leaders and grassroots activists.

Listen to these 60-minute conversations with guests who have dedicated themselves to tackling big social challenges. Episodes are also available on all major podcast platforms.

What we do

See how we can help you progress.

We add a layer of fearless insight and action that allows change-makers to accelerate their progress in areas such as brand, design, digital, comms and social research.

Our Clients

The thinkers and doers we’re changing the status quo with.

Google Australia

Through our community practice, helping one of the world’s leading technology companies advise and mentor for an ongoing global initiative that spotlights inspirational YouTube creators.

Amplifying the impact of digital activism through a conversation with the global petitions platform and their efforts to democratize digital campaigning for everyone, everywhere.

Neami National

Partnering with one of Australia’s largest mental health nonprofit to build a QR code-enabled digital service for young people wanting to support their friends who are at risk of self-harm.

NSW Government

An ongoing partnership with the NSW Government to create a digital storytelling platform for survivors of terrorism to share their stories with the public, often undervalued voices in social cohesion.


Rebranding Australia’s leading early parenting service after 100 years, including an amplification effort around Mother’s Day that saw national media outlets pick up the story.


A deep dive conversation with Bumble’s Asia-Pacific team on the evolution of dating platforms in an era where online safety is paramount, and stigma is still rife in parts of the world, including our region.

United Nations

Working with UNAOC and UNOCT, providing mentorship for media makers and content design to help create compelling campaigns on promoting interfaith dialogue.