A brand is a wieldable tool that empowers you to guide your choices, guard your reputation, and grow your equity. With the right anchors, a healthy brand can elevate you from being defined simply by what you do to being understood for the role that you want to play in the world.

Building a strong, strategic brand can be one of your greatest assets, whether you’re a purpose-led business or global nonprofit. It helps you stand out from the crowd, amplifies your message to a larger audience, and attracts passionate users or supporters. We’ll work with you to define a brand position and narrative that offers your brand plenty of space to influence, communicate, and connect with others, grounded in cultural insight and research. With our iterative, collaborative process, we’ll then help you to creatively articulate your brand expression through a market-ready identity and defined visual language for an owned suite of initiatives.

We help your brand find its true expression through strategic thinking and design implementation.

Brand Strategy

Through strategic positioning, a brand strategy can elevate you from being defined by what you do to being understood for the role you want to play in the world.

Co-creation Workshops

A narrative strategy ensures that a desired message or story is conveyed in the most meaningful and enduring way. Without this synthesis between action and words, you lose authenticity and credibility.


A strategic approach to naming in a brand process can be the difference between equity and obscurity. By building out a brand purpose before undertaking a naming session, we can help you get your brand name right.

Visual Identity & Logo

We create a brand identity true to your developed brand strategy, leveraging our knowledge of category conventions and out-of-category inspiration.

Brand Guidelines

In the brand identity development process, we put together rules and guidelines for you to start understanding how you can articulate your brand, enshrining them in an easy-to-use document.

Application Design

With an established identity in place, we’ll develop a range of assets as example activations, from business cards to drop cards and packaging.

DrawHistory’s approach to Branding

Discovery and alignment

We’ll kick off the work together, reviewing our approach and process, shared vision of success, and outputs at the end of the journey.

Stakeholder consultations

To gain an understanding what you do today and the ambitious ideas you have for the future, we facilitate discovery conversations with your stakeholders to ensure their participation.

Research and analysis

With a grounding in the brand and industry category, we dig deeper through analogous industry research, cultural trend exploration, competitive whitespace analysis, and more.

Territories exploration

After the initial discovery, we develop brand territories, representative of spaces that could be developed into a single-minded purpose for your brand.

Identity development

With the new brand purpose in hand, we’ll kick off brand identity exploration and development, leveraging our experience and knowledge of category conventions and drawing inspiration from aspirational out-of-category analogues and leaders.

Ongoing management

With an established direction in place, we’ll maintain momentum of your new brand by ideating new thought-starters, designing visual assets, and more.

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