Compelling content builds brand equity, educates potential consumers, and drives them to your website. More importantly, it builds trust with people. We write content and produce visuals that are evergreen. Blog posts, copywriting, ebooks, white papers, illustrations, infographics, videos —  the kind that are informational and accessible.

By thinking through these broader questions, we can improve the brand experience and session-by-session interaction while building lifetime customer and brand value. When it comes to bringing these new products and services to market, we will work with you to help define the roadmap, design the experience, and establish technology solutions for both the short-term advantage as well as long-term success.

We bring your stories to life through words and visuals.

Content Planning

We’ll put together a strategic content framework to attract, convert, and retain the people you’re looking to reach. Your content strategy will be documented to help guide your decision-making process.

Content Writing

We plan, write and edit content in the format that makes the most sense, from video scripts to email newsletters and keynote scripts.

Copywriting & Editing

While writing copy is an art, editing is the rigor behind the art. Beyond writing, we handle grammar, sentence structure, and the weight and meaning of content.

Video & Animation

Video content can frame stories in a way that is raw, honest, and thoughtful. With our partners, we help you storyboard, shoot, edit, and finalise short films.

Custom Illustration

Illustrations help express ideas visually, clarify concepts, and even facilitate complex or tough conversations. We have in-house illustrators and often work with partner artists to produce what’s needed.


Photography can relay importance, lend credibility, and convey proximity in a way that words sometimes can’t. With our partners, we help you shoot, edit, and finalise images to supplement your content.

DrawHistory’s approach to Content

Understand your narrative

An internal audit reviewing any internal and/or external properties that you can share. We’ll come with a clear sense for where you are and the needs that the content production should fulfil.

Mapping content placement

Nurturing consumer intent is the primary role of content marketing. We focus on understanding your consumers’ goals and needs before deep diving into potential points of difference we can surface.

Producing the work

Whether in-house or with our trusted collaborators, we then produce work informed by the the content strategy established together. Content types can range from blog posts, videos, infographics, case studies, ebooks, white papers, and social media.

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