We believe that a thoughtful and strategic public relations campaign can change minds and rally people around a meaningful cause. Whether you’re taking on social media or launching a program, we’ll work with you to creatively drive PR campaigns to get your message out into the world — from working with members of press to partnering with key opinion formers in industry.


With deep press connections and experience in building strong narratives, we know we can get your campaign off the ground. We’ll work with you to create an engaging story that hooks people’s attention, develop a cohesive roadmap, design compelling illustrative assets, place your story in the media, and even create a long-term editorial strategy for sustained media attention and audience engagement.

Results & Outcomes
  • Launched symposium with Museum of Freedom and Tolerance
  • Trained dozens of interfaith leaders in United Nations program
  • Designed a handbook for resilient homes with Habitat for Humanity
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We give life to ideas, from designing programs to launching local events. Here are ways we work together.

Featured Work

The voice of youth on Human Rights Day

To celebrate Human Rights Day, we worked with local arts and youth organizations to run a three-day, technology-driven campaign.

Crowdfunding for people seeking asylum

Building the capacity of two volunteers to raise $100K in funding to save a refugee clinic from closing, while deploying a range of PR tactics to generate visibility.

DrawHistory's approach to Campaigns

We’ll kick off the work together, reviewing our approach and process, shared vision of success, and outputs at the end of the journey.

An internal audit reviewing any internal and/or external properties that you can share. We’ll come with a clear sense for where you are and the needs that the PR strategy should fulfil.

We’ll develop your campaign strategy through an iterative process that starts by establishing the key moment we want to land, following by building out the narrative and messaging in service of that moment.

We’ll gather insights on the lay of the land and will pitch to reporters who are likely to find your story relevant and meaningful for their audience, working with them and preparing you for any potential media engagements.

Through a suite of tools such as BuzzSumo, we can focus on top stories and mentions, curate mention metrics, and compare brand mention trends against competitors.

Perspectives from DrawHistory HQ

The moment for new thinking is now and needed.

Catalyzing philanthropy with Europe's largest co-living space

Work The Collective Foundation

Designing an identity and digital experience for the philanthropic venture of one of the world's largest co-living spaces.

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The People v. Profit: Why B Corps are bringing businesses together

Insights Jeffrey Effendi

We reflect on what it means to be a Certified Benefit Corporation and the cultural trends taking shape in business.

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The guide to impactful storytelling for nonprofits

Insights Jeffrey Effendi

A guide to help nonprofits, particularly legal assistance services, become better storytellers and more effective organisations.

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Designing a leading database for people with disabilities

Work Indigo

Redesigning Australia's largest equipment database for assistive technology with over 10,000+ products.

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Making stories of race and religion visible

Work Museum of Freedom and Tolerance

Designing an end-to-end symposium for Australia's first human rights museum in partnership with the WA Museum and Maritime Museum.

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Inside dynamic brands: 5 ways to design dynamism

Insights Jeffrey Effendi

Dynamic brands have emerged in recent years. We take a deep dive on their relevance for the everyday brand.

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