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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, generally speaking. We host people all the time at our Perth, Australia HQ when it’s safe to do so, and as long as current Covid-19 guidelines allow for visitors. Make sure to double check and ask us ahead of time — we want to be there to join you for coffee.

Check out our Careers page to see our latest opportunities. If there are none that align with your skills and interest at this time, send us a message anyway. We’re always on the lookout for collaborators, and you never know what might open up.

Maybe. If you’re just getting started and are working with a very restricted budget, we’re probably not the right partner. In the past, we’ve also referred smaller organisations to talented folks in our network so that you have a helpful next step. But feel free to send us a message and include your budget up-front so we can evaluate whether our rates will be a match for what you’re looking to spend.

Our name was spurred by the team’s original discipline: visual design. The expression to “make history” rung true in our early days, and we simply put two and two together: to “draw history” through our work with those changing the world. While our practice has expanded beyond visual design into strategy, research, and campaigns, our ambition remains the same. In fact, our name has become more relevant than ever, as the spirit of building from a blank canvas permeates much of the work we do.

We work with clients who align with our values. Often, they are people frustrated with the crises and injustices in the world, and fiercely determined to fix them. There’s no one standard type: businesses launching a helpful product, nonprofits campaigning for change, government agencies consulting their community. We like to stay open-minded and explore conversations with folks who are interested in working with us.

Beyond values, we also openly weigh pros and cons about the project’s budget and timeline, the client’s attitudes and mindsets, and the potential social impact the project can have.

We’re inspired by contrarians — those leaders, organizations, initiatives who embrace the brave and neglect routine to make the world better. Our favourite projects have been the ones that involve good people to work with rather than novel ideas. Our ideal partners are curious to work with folks like us, love to take audacious risks, and have a deep respect for those around them.

Whether you’re an older philanthropic foundation, culturally-savvy global business, or community-focused tech enterprise, we’re always keen for a catch up.

Undesign Season 1

Our podcast asks: what issues can be undesigned in the world today?

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